Juice Cleanse: Day Two & Three

On Tuesday morning I woke up feeling good. Not amazing like I had Monday afternoon, but still really good. I had a cup of decaf green tea while I got ready for work to quiet my rumbling tummy. That actually did the job for a couple hours, to my surprise. I gathered up all of my juices for the day and I was determined to try to stick to the one-every-two-hours schedule that I couldn’t keep up with on Day One.

I opened up my first green juice in the car and took sips at stop lights to get a head start. To my surprise, I actually wanted to keep drinking. My tastebuds had acquired a little bit and suddenly I was gulping this drink down (in comparison to Day One). I finished it in about 40 minutes as opposed to the hour and some-odd minutes it took me yesterday. I was feeling great.

I had told a few people at work I was doing this, or some people figured it out, and they were curious to how it was going. I told them that I felt totally fine–no mood swings, no desperate hunger other than when The Boy was eating a delicious dinner while I drank my juice, and no “bathroom troubles.” I was even starting to like the beet and ginger juice that I was sure would be the death of me on this cleanse.

This trend would continue into Day Three. The juices got more and more appealing to me and started to taste really great. I was able to drink them all in about 30-40 minutes. In between every juice, I would drink decaf green tea or hot water with lemon to warm myself back up again.

To my surprise, I still hadn’t had any of those side-effects that every advice blog or medical website would give me. Not that I was complaining! 😉 But I was a little worried that I was “doing it wrong” or something. I wish Day Two and Three could be a bit more interesting, but that’s really about it. I felt amazing, the juices were really starting to become a routine and I was loving how they tasted and I could feel the positive effects they were having on me.

I honestly think I could’ve gone another couple days on it. I am actually thinking about buying a cheap juicer off of Craigslist or something. The trend I’m hearing with a lot of people is that they juice pretty solidly for a month and then stop, so I’m not going to shell out a ton of money until I know I’m going to keep up with it.

Any suggestions for a juicer? What are some of your favorite juice recipes?

I promise my post-cleanse entry will be more interesting… thanks for checking up on me! 🙂



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