Wow, do I need to get some Spring Cleaning done. I’m one of those people who can’t function to my full ability until my environment is where I need it to be. I need to clear out the clutter in my room and my office and then my head will be able to be clear as well. I read an article about starting a blog once and it said to not ever write that “oh my gosh, I never write here anymore” post–so I’m not going to. Ha! This entry won’t be pretty, but I have to do it or I’ll fall into a bad habit that I don’t want to get in to.

I started a free trial week at a CorePower Yoga studio near my work last week. The first time I trekked out, it was a Saturday morning and it was SO crowded. Uncomfortably so. I’m all for allowing as many people as possible in the space, but come on! When I have to alter my correct positioning to not hit someone, then I’m not able to get the full benefit of the practice. Luckily, though, the next two times I went the classes were a perfect size. Enough people to fill the studio but not be cramped. It was like a big open-mouthed breath out!

The studio was nice. I had the same teacher for two of my classes and she was great. Her sequencing and visualization techniques were very effective. I’m glad I have another month worth of classes there (I got a Groupon a little while ago) because as much as I enjoy doing yoga with my podcasts and DVDs, I mostly enjoy being in a class with a teacher there to make sure I’m all good. Also, I love hot yoga. Especially now with all the cold days we’ve been having lately! 😦 COME ON SPRING!!!!

I’m also going to start a 21-day meditation program soon. Again, I say soon because I need to get other things in order before I can get my brain in order. But it will come.

On another note, I bought a Groupon (love it!) for a 3-day juice cleanse and I’m starting it April 2nd–plenty of time to mentally prepare haha! Have you ever done a juice cleanse? Any tips on how to prepare, survive (ha!), and recover?

Wish me luck on my cleaning cleansing!



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