Do you have a “Wheat Belly”?

I’ve been reading a book called Wheat Belly and it is so interesting. It’s all about how the wheat of today is so far removed from the wheat of centuries and even decades ago due to genetic modification (though natural modification played a small role as well) and how it is wreaking havoc on our bodies. People who have gone off wheat express how ailments they’ve had for years suddenly disappear–joint pain, migraines, rashes, even diabetes and acid reflux! Mind you, the author, Dr. William Davis, draws on studies from decades ago in this book, not just fad diet testimonials that we see all the time today.

I’m only a little bit into it so far, but I am really on high alert of wheat now. The next time I go grocery shopping I’m going to really pay attention to what I’m buying and try to be gluten-free. The hard part is it’s not just obvious things like breads, most anything processed even a little bit has wheat in it–look at the ingredients in any box or package in your kitchen and I’m sure there will be flour, whole grain, or straight up wheat in it. The sad thing is that we’ve been trained to think that “whole grains” are the healthiest option for us, when in reality, it’s just the opposite.

I’m no expert and I don’t mean to sound superior or anything in anyway, but even just a few chapters into this book has changed my thinking and I want to make sure others are aware of this. A couple years ago, I started taking notice of what I was putting into my body. I didn’t make any major changes in my diet–just moderation and a focus on more fruits and vegetables. I’ve never strictly limited or even cut out anything before, but I think I might have to make an exception for wheat. The hardest part about this is that at least so far, it seems it’s all or nothing–the people referenced often say that even a little bit of wheat makes them feel very ill once they’ve cut it out.

I highly suggest picking up a copy, or at the very least, reading a bit of it in a preview on Google Books. I’ll keep you posted on my journey with this whole, new thing. It’s very scary for me–I like change, but this is going to be major, I can feel it. But I suppose that’s the way we feel whenever we are stepping into new and unknown territory for the first time. On the plus side, a lot of restaurants and other food companies are starting to make gluten-free options, so that is a big help. We shall see…

Are you gluten- or wheat-free? How do you avoid it? How did you get started? Any feedback, comments, etc. would be awesome. Thanks!!



5 thoughts on “Do you have a “Wheat Belly”?

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  2. padmeandme

    I also have read this book (not all the way through) but enough to know he doesn’t want you to replace wheat flour with the usual Celiac flours like rice flour, potato starch…. Check out my blog for more information on this book. What’s great about losing the wheat? My brain fog is a lot less than it was; but most of all, my husband’s type 2 diabetes glycemic index #s started falling immediately. We’re not talking a couple of points, we’re talking going from high 200s to low 100s!

    1. Michelle Witter Post author

      isn’t it amazing? i do feel much more focused and just better all around. so glad to hear about your husband! i’ve heard all kinds of crazy-good health stories coming from it. thanks for checking out my blog, i’ll definitely stop by yours soon!

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