Leading a Full Life

There are times in our life when we are so busy that we can’t, or feel like we can’t, make time for the things we love. We let our personal joys and pleasures fall by the wayside in place of our “obligations.” I often despise when people lament about how stressed they are or how busy they think they are because I fell that too often it is used as a negative outlet.

Oh, I’ve just been soooo busy. I’m soooo stressed, like, you don’t even know. I have no time to do anything I want to. I’m just so stressed.

Whenever anyone complains to me about their never-ending schedule or elevating stress-level, I always think of my good friend Nick, who also coaches the speech team with me. Nick is someone who really lives his life the way everyone should–with love, pride, and joy. I admire him so much for this. Nick is an actor in every sense of the word. He loves the craft with all he has. In addition to coaching the speech team, which he commutes by train for, he is often involved with one or two shows and at least another couple side projects at a time. He also works and still manages to find time to be active and healthy. I and many other people ask him if he ever sleeps.

The wonderful thing about Nick is that in the three years I’ve known him, I’ve never once heard him complain about his packed schedule and I can’t recall a time when the word “stressed” left his lips to describe himself. I am in awe of him for this. I’ve never asked him why he is the way he is because I already know the answer: He loves everything he is doing. Nick is only involved with things that contribute positively to his life and he only devotes his precious time to causes he truly has a passion for.

I often think of Nick when I find that I am looking at a situation in my life has half-empty, rather than half-full. I was about ready to write a sad, self-pitying post about how I have neglected my blog for the past week and a half and how bad I feel for it. Because I love my blog. It gives me an outlet for my writing, which is a huge passion of mine, as well as a way to track my growing love for yoga. And I love the support and kindness that comes from the people who read it.

But lately, my blog and usual practice have taken a back seat to something that is another passion of mine: the kids on the speech team. These past three weeks have been long and time-consuming–they had their Regional, Sectional, and this weekend is the State competition–but I don’t see this as a burden, because I love what I’ve been doing in this time. I’ve been keeping up with my yoga, but it haven’t done it as much as I had. I’ve done 15 minutes every morning and maybe an hour on the weekends.

I once had a yoga teacher who would say during meditation, “If a thought or worry comes to your mind during this time, acknowledge it, and then put it away for later.” She didn’t shun these distractions or make you feel guilty for losing focus, she simply asked that you put it to the side to come back to it. That’s how I feel right now. I have not given up on my blog or my yoga, I just had to put it in the background for a bit while something else required more of my focus. And I am sorry for this. But not so sorry. As long as you are doing what you love to do, who cares how much of it you have? I can honestly say that, though very packed, the past few weeks have been very happy, satisfying ones. And that’s what makes a full life.


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