Day 17 & 18 & 19

Hello! I hope your weekend treated you well. Mine was very stop and go, but it was relaxing and really wonderful all together. My Saturdays are usually completely booked because I’m a coach on a high school speech team and their tournaments are all day long on Saturday, but I had this weekend off! While I did miss the kiddos, it was great to be able to get so much done over a whole weekend instead of squeezing everything in on a Sunday–which is the one day I just want to sit and do nothing haha! The Boy and I got to enjoy time with lots of family and friends, which is always a nice and welcome way to spend the weekend for me.

I know, I know. I had all this time to write and here I am now on Monday writing another jam-packed weekend post, but sometimes you just gotta enjoy what’s in front of you and be in the moment 🙂 Without further ado, the next few days of my challenge:

Day 17 featured the same back bends routine from Day 6. I’ll keep this short and sweet so I don’t sound too repetitive: I love this routine! It has a great flow to it and I love how Elise Lorimer teaches. This time around I felt that I was a little more in control because I could sometimes remember what was coming next. There’s always a little bit of uncertainty when you’re doing a routine for the first time–that unknown I always talk about that stays in the back of my mind just the faintest bit. Sometimes it’s exciting, but sometimes I over-think it and lose my focus momentarily. It’s also great because I don’t find myself checking my computer screen too often and I can focus on how the poses feel to me and adjust based on my own personal needs.

I am loving these special videos that feature a routine crafted around preparing you for one final ultra-pose! Day 18 was all about the Wheel pose. (If you did gymnastics when you were a kid, this is also known as a bridge, but don’t confuse it with the yoga version of bridge pose.) This routine was very similar to Elise’s video from the previous day–it focuses on warming, strengthening, and preparing your back with lots of back bends. But it also features a lot of lunges and sun salutations as well. I think Jason Crandell even acknowledges that fact in the video if I remember correctly! I can do this pose pretty well, but I do have some trouble evenly distributing my weight all over. I put too much pressure and weight on my wrists, so I’m going to have to practice moving that energy and weight more towards my torso and thighs and ground more through the feet.

Day 19 was the same shoulder opener routine from Day 8. Blerg. I wish I had something new to add to my findings with this routine. I really need to get better about really engaging in slower, more meditative sessions. Perhaps that will be a future “Challenge” I embark on–21 days of stillness! …I’m scared just thinking about it :-/ Ooph.

Two more days left! Where has the time gone?! This has been a really great experience and it’s definitely an awesome way to jump-start a routine or get committed to the practice. I do have to admit that I am excited to choose whatever I want to do everyday instead of having a set routine planned for me. Most of the time it’s totally fine and great, but there are some days where I’d rather have done one video than another. I will definitely be referring back to a lot of the routines in this challenge, though. So many of them focus on a specific area, but still manage to give your entire body some lovin’ in the process.

Tomorrow is a revisit to my unrequited love, bakasana. That’s the best way I can describe my relationship with crow pose. I want to be able to do it so badly and I try so hard and it never stays with me! I think the worst part for me is I can get it for a little while, but then it’s gone just as soon. 😦 I know I’m just over-thinking it (surprise, surprise!), which is the worst part of it all. Maybe tomorrow will be my day. Until then wish me (more) luck and…



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