Day 15 & 16

Over the past days in this blog, I’ve talked about the physical effects I’ve undergone, but haven’t really touched on the mental effects my yoga practice has had on me. As a twenty-something lady, I often feel overwhelmed and lost with the direction my life is heading in. I hate not having solid plans and I am very uncomfortable not knowing what lies ahead for my life. I must say that through these past two weeks I have felt more in control of my life and more optimistic about the future–whatever it may be–and I feel more secure and comfortable than I have felt in a long time. It may just be a coincidence, but I must point out that the only major thing I’ve been doing differently over this time is my yoga practice. I’ve felt a sense of stability and I have also gained the confidence to really grab hold of my life, evaluate the things I’d like to change, and see how I can lead the best, happiest life for me.

Maybe it’s another “New Year, New You” concept, maybe I’m just growing up. Maybe I’m just at my complacency limit. Whatever it may be, I know that really focusing and committing to yoga has at least helped me get to a more calm and pleasant mental state. I still stress out about not knowing what tomorrow brings and I still can’t be silent for more than a few minutes. But I do feel brighter and lighter, and if you don’t know what I mean by that, I suggest you jump on the Yoga Train 🙂

Day 15 of my yoga challenge featured another lead up to a fun, crazy-awesome pose: Hanumanasana, or monkey pose (or the splits). Holy moley, was I not ready for this! When I say I have open and flexible hips, I mean hips. My inner thighs and hamstrings are the least flexible parts of my body right now and they were not having it. The video features Elise Lorimer (love her!) and includes a lot of triangles, lunges, and forward bend-type poses to loosen up the legs, hips, and groin area. The routine was very energizing and felt great all over the body. I wish I could say my mind was calm, but I kept thinking ahead to the main event (shocker!)…

When it was finally time to try it, I was nervous to see where I would be. As far as I was concerned as long as one leg was in front and the other was behind me and my back was straight, that was a win. You are encouraged to have two blocks on either side of you for support, which I also highly recommend. (I didn’t have a second block, so I used a box of blank CDs! Gotta make due with what ‘cha got!) I actually did better than I thought I would. I managed to support myself by turning the block on it’s short side, so it was taller, and then bent my arms so I could get a deeper stretch. Nowhere near the ground, but now I have something else on my list to work for!

Day 16 featured the same hip opener routine from Day 4. Just like with the ab routine a few days ago, this time was easier because I knew what was coming. It was really beneficial, especially after a long day of sitting at a desk. After all that, I tried some crow pose… it was unsuccessful. WHY CAN’T I GET THIS??!!???! Oh well. Practice, practice, practice…

A couple more days until my challenge is over 😦 But I do have some fun and wonderful plans for my blog after the the next week, don’t worry 🙂 I started this blog for fun and I have to say, it’s been a great outlet for me in many aspects. I love writing and don’t get the chance to do it as much as I’d like at times, so this has really filled in that hole I sometimes feel. I am also really enjoying my new commitment to yoga and take pride in the progress I have made. I hope your year is going well and that it only gets better!



One thought on “Day 15 & 16

  1. Jennifer Elise

    Awesome that you are seeing the mental benefits! I also am a 20something who just recently found a direction (if only temporary) and know that whatever my life situation, yoga helps!


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