Day One & Two

Well Day One and Two are dunzo and I have to say that I really enjoy the type of routine the 21-Day Challenge has implemented. It’s really nice to be able to see all of my “days” laid out on one page in front of me so I can see what’s ahead. It’s also nice because I can preview the video to see how long it is and what kinds of poses they’ll be doing so I can decide when would be best for me to fit it into my day.

I did the Day One video when I got home from work yesterday. It was really easy, both physically and also in the sense that it didn’t require much thought—I know that sounds negative, but it was actually really nice to just be at ease and clear for 20 minutes. Although, I admittedly had some moments of distraction and had my thoughts wander. It featured lots of slow arm movements to wake-up and warm the body and easy bends and leans in the knees and legs. The part I most enjoyed was that it really focused on the breath. Every movement was perfectly timed with a breath and because the movements were simple and slow, it was easy to focus mainly on the breath. It’s definitely a nice routine to do right when you wake up, but for me at least it was not enough to really rev up my afternoon/evening.

After my Day One was finished, I looked ahead to the Day Two video to test the waters before the next day. It’s about 35 minutes and focuses on standing poses. I decided to do it in the morning to get a little kick start to my Friday. Before I did the video, I actually repeated some movements from the Day One video to wake up as well as some seated forward bends to loosen and warm up my legs a bit. The Day Two video features the use of a strap and a block. I have my own block but don’t use it regularly and I don’t have a strap (I used a towel instead). Usually I’m too proud to use “help,” but since the guy in the video was using them and I felt committed to follow the videos exactly, I gave in and swallowed my pride.

I have to say that I now (finally) see that the use of props can be very helpful in any level of practice. I definitely felt a difference in the way the poses felt and was not discouraged at all by not doing them “right.” Using the towel allowed me to get a full extension and rotation in my leg that I physically could not have done without it—I actually probably would have hurt myself if I didn’t use it. Half Moon is usually the bane of my existence, but today, it was actually doable with the use of a block for a few extra inches and added support. It still wasn’t pretty, but it was the best I’ve ever felt doing it, physically and especially mentally.

I really liked the instructor who taught in today’s episode. I felt like he explained everything very well—he always made sure you knew how every part of your body was supposed to feel in each pose and was thorough in his directions. Even though I didn’t do anything I hadn’t already done and he didn’t say anything other instructors haven’t already said, the way he explained everything just seemed to make more sense to me than usual. It all just clicked, I guess. He’s in several of the videos for this challenge, so if I continue to enjoy his episodes, I’ll seek out more of his stuff.

On a side note, the recipe on today’s newsletter was a corn, chayote, and green chile burrito that had me starving for hot, cheesy, carbolicious goodness at 5:30 am. Ooph! Luckily, a group of people at work wanted to get Mexican for lunch and I was able to get my burrito fix in no time at all 🙂 I am going to have to try to make that bad boy one day, though. It looks pretty awesome, I must say.

After work I went to the gym–I haven’t been there in over a week and thanks to the holidays and other schedule craziness and had only gone maybe twice the week before that… Eh. What are ya gonna do, right? Anyway, I did some arm ans shoulder strength training followed by a nice treadmill workout. ‘Twas good.

And thus, another day is done. Have a great weekend!



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