21-Day Yoga Challenge (Intro.)

Hello, friends! This morning, I woke up 20 minutes earlier than I usually would to do some simple, quick yoga before I started my day. I downloaded an 8-minute episode from the Yoga & other useful stuff with Tara Stiles podcast called “Yoga to Get Your Morning Moving.” It was a really nice way to start the day—some simple breathing and focusing at the beginning with some slow but effective movement to wake and warm you up. I also really enjoyed it because there’s a lot of easy back stretches, which is always where I’m most tight in the morning. When that was over, I used my extra ten minutes or so to do some freestylin’ of my own 🙂 I did pigeon—my favorite—on each side for ten breaths to open up those hips. (As a part of my new plan to get better at maintaining the breath throughout my practice, I started counting breaths instead of seconds like I used to do.) Then I did a couple sun salutations and other basic stretches wherever I felt like I needed it the most and was on my way to a new day!

In other news, starting today I will be kicking off my yoga conditioning with Yoga Journal’s 21-Day Challenge. It looks pretty cool and, most importantly, easy to follow. You can either choose the beginner route (“New and Ready”) or the intermediate route (“Not a Newbie”). Once you decide which path you’d like to embark on, you get a daily newsletter and a video yoga routine as well as a recipe and ways to make the video more challenging as a bonus. When you get to the main page, it asks you to enter your e-mail address to sign up. For some reason whenever I tried to enter an e-mail address, it didn’t work :-/ But that’s ok, because all you have to do is click “Already Signed Up” instead of entering an e-mail address on the main page and you’ll be taken to all of the good stuff you need if you have the same problem I did.

Once on the Daily Newsletters page, you’ll see all the newsletters no matter which track you’d prefer to be on. Each newsletter has that day’s video along with an explanation of the purpose and benefits of that day’s routine as well as modifications and other information. If you’d rather just watch the video, also on that page just under the 21-Day Yoga Challenge logo are two rectangles that read “New and Ready” or “Not a Newbie.” When you click one of those, it takes you to all of the videos for the three weeks. This is nice because the videos appear a bit larger than in the newsletter itself if you prefer that method.

I chose to go the “Not a Newbie” sequence, which has the same Day One as the “New and Ready” path. It’s a morning yoga routine, which I wish I had figured out before this morning had already come and gone… Oh well! After-work energy boosts are always nice, too 🙂 I can’t wait to start this! I think the thing I’m most looking forward to is getting into a routine that works with my own schedule. I love taking classes but I feel like all the ones I’d like to take are going on while I’m at work 😦 If you want in on this fun journey with me, check it out for yourself. I’ll post how my Day One went tomorrow. Until then…



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